DMBC does it again!

October 30, 2008

The following text was lifted from (this pic is our own)…


…but not in Doncaster.

Doncaster Council recently invested £1m in the wool market, and are now proposing rent increases of 25-50% for pitches in the wool market, Irish market, fish market and Corn Exchange.

Consequently the market traders are dismayed. The current economic downturn has already resulted in some stalls closing and others thinking of moving to Barnsley and Sheffield markets where rents have actually been reduced.

Elsewhere, however, the Council is more giving.

Doncaster Bloodstock Sales (DBS), which turns over £40m a year, received £850,000 from the council to quit its previous lease on premises in Belle Vue. The council then provided them with a new £55,320 site at the racecourse.

And what did this cost DBS?

Well not very much. Just £8,500 for its new lease and £50 a year for rent.

Just doesn’t add up does it?


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