The Marquis de Saud

November 2, 2008

Gordon Brown, Peter Mandelson and Ed Miliband have all gone, cap-in-hand, to the Gulf this weekend to beg for more money to help alleviate the desperate plight of the world’s rich. Speaking after talks in Riyadh, Mr Brown said he believed Saudi Arabia would contribute to an IMF fund to help countries at risk of economic collapse – he has high hopes because Saudi is famous for its humanitarian actions and the IMF is famous for helping poor countries 😉

Brown wants the Gulf states to contribute to the International Monetary Fund bail-out ‘pot’ because there is concern that as more nations – most recently Iceland, Hungary and Ukraine – apply to the fund for help, its reserves may not be sufficient. The Gulf region’s sovereign wealth funds – centred on the assets of Gulf royal families – are worth between $2-3 trillion and are expected to rise between $7 trillion and $11 trillion by 2013. The growing importance of Middle East capital was demonstrated on Friday when it emerged that Barclays had raised £7.3bn from investors including the Qatari and Abu Dhabi royal families.

In Riyadh Brown said “I think we are grasping towards a new global order” (not again, no matter how many ‘new orders’ we have the poor still end up getting completely fucked over by the rich). The link to the IMF gives us a big clue to what he has in mind. Western controlled IMF loans come with massive strings attached. To qualify a county’s economy must first undergo restructuring (deregulation, denationalisation, etc.) to suit the needs of major global corporations – once accepted the loan money goes through the state and straight into the hands of those major global corporations – from there it goes to the greedy bankers who caused the problem in the first place – then the bankers support politicians like Brown who help broker more money (and the heads of those companies, the directors of those banks and the politicians are in fact all one-in-the-same people – it’s the world’s biggest con game, but you won’t see that on ‘The real Hustle’).

Brown is a figures man, so he knows all about the ‘great money trick’ (to find out how the trick works click here );we’re not witnessing a desperate attempt to get the world’s economy back on track – we’re watching the rich steal public funds to protect themselves against their own greedy fuck-up. As usual it’s the poor who will be forced to pay the price for their incompetence; and it’s the poor who will suffer real hardships during this recession. The only positive note in this whole sorry affair is the fact that the rich, in their desperate scramble for our money, are highlighting their own demarcation line and by showing us exactly who their friends are we can see even better who our enemies are.


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