Welcome to Stalagshire

November 10, 2008

Britain’s Security Service is pushing for governmental controlled press censorship (fuck knows why? these bastards are already great at self censorship – read David Edwards’ “Free to be Human” for a good description of media self-censorship and/or visit Media Lens); they want to be able to stop the media reporting on certain issues in the name of ‘national security’. This makes it sound like the media are reporting on sensitive issues that may endanger the public; but this act is more likely to be used to stop the media reporting about government fuck ups – like when they ‘accidentally’ lose vital data about everyone in the country from time to time.

Calls for higher media censorship should come as no surprise to anyone. With ID Cards on the horizon and the media demonizing childhood we know exactly where we’re heading – Welcome to Stalagshire…


If you doubt what we’re saying just look at what our kids have to go through. They’re surrounded by fences as soon as they attend school and CCTV has become a part of the furniture. Soon every parent will be legally obliged to fill in a questionnaire that goes way beyond anything that could possibly help your child’s education; family religion – the Barnsdale Brigade are in the process of inventing their own religion just in case – parents occupations, income, etc. One Doncaster school is already testing school uniforms that have been fitted with a RFID (Radio Frequency Identification) chip to keep tabs on their kids. To make matters worse this technology is being developed by a Doncaster company (Darnbro Ltd – darnbro@btinternet.com) and there is reason to believe that RFID carries a possible cancer threat. Where the fuck is George Orwell when you need him? Not working for the media, that’s for damn sure 🙂


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