Government says ‘Parenting’ Isn’t ‘Work’

November 25, 2008


The government is planning to force single parents to look for a job when their youngest child hits 12. Once their child has reached that magical age the parent will be classed as a ‘Jobseekers’; which means they’ll be forced to take a shitty, low paid, McJob and their kid will be forced to get their own dinner and wait around for their tired, stressed mum or dad to get back home or go out with their mates and ‘hang around’ because the government has made sure that there’s fuck all else for them to do. This sort of suggestion could only come from rich bastards; the kind of people who’s own parents sent them to boarding school – you can picture them saying “Well it didn’t do me any harm.”

What the government fails to acknowledge is the fact that ‘parenting’ is the hardest and most important (and definitely the most rewarding) job in the world and the best single argument there is for a universal ‘social wage’. We need higher wages so fewer parents have to work; and we need more time to spend with our kids if we’re going to reverse current trends in teenage anti-social behaviour. Fuck ‘work’ – ‘love’ and ‘life’ are the only four letter words we should ever have to teach our children!


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