Fuck The Rich – Before They Fuck You!

December 4, 2008

The following chart represents the state of health in Doncaster. If the full information doesn’t come across clearly on the blog don’t worry, all you really need to know is that the red dots represent health problems that are significantly worse in Doncaster than in the rest of England…


It’s no coincidence that one of the poorest regions in the UK is also the unhealthiest – poverty fucks you up. A third of Doncaster’s residents are living in ‘bread-line’ poverty (people living below a relative poverty line, and as such excluded from participating in the norms of society) and that figure is steadily getting worse – for more info read this.

But the 2008 NHS Doncaster Health Profile (where we nicked the chart from – full pdf here) does not discuss the reasons for our impoverishment. Doncaster has been continuously shafted by successive governments since the miner’s strike and the Doncaster Metropolitan Borough Council (puppet of the Labour govenment) has aided and abetted the government every step of the way – partly through sheer incompetence, but also for the personal gain of those at the top. This situation has further exasperated the impoverishment caused by the capitalist economic system that ensures that a majority of the world’s population is excluded from a share of the world’s wealth. So what can we do about the situation?

Obviously you can’t vote for a better deal, nobody even pretends to represent poor communities any more – except the BNP who are a useless, lying, shower of shit – and paedos to boot (2 members who’s names appeared on the leaked list have just been imprisoned for child abuse). You can’t ask your union for help, because even if you have a job the chances are against you having access to a union. And only a slave would go cap in hand to the very people who have got their boots on your neck. The only answer is to get fit!

Get physically fit – eat your greens (veg is generally cheaper than the sugary shit in expensive boxes), work out, get an allotment, take self defense lessons, throw away your TV, etc. Get mentally fit – read good shit like ‘The Ragged Trousered Philanthropist’, ‘The World Turned Upside Down’, ‘A History of the English Working Class’ or ‘Bash The Rich’. Get socially fit – join a community group or start your own; work to aid the impoverished and defend people from repossession, the courts, bailiffs, etc. And ,when you’re a fine figure of a physical, mental and social athlete, take the fight to the rich to ensure that the world’s wealth is finally used for the benefit of all.

It’s either that or smoke, drink and watch TV, the choice is yours.


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