BE A WINNER! In our new competition…

December 14, 2008

Members of the Barnsdale Brigade are proud to announce the launch of their new “EAT MY SOLE!” competition. The rules are simple…

  1. Find a celebrity; preferably a world leader or head of state, but failing that any passing media whore will do.
  2. Remove your shoes.
  3. Take aim – for the head if possible.
  4. Throw your shoes at the aforementioned celebrity.

Each hit scores 100 points, whilst a near miss scores 50 points. Extra points will be given depending on how hated the celebrity is.

We have to confess that this competition wasn’t our idea, it was inspired by the actions of an Iraqi journalist.


The journalist launched two shoes at President Unelect George W. Bush whilst he was giving a news conference in the heavily fortified Green-Zone of the Iraqi presidential palace. George may be a twat, but he’s a spritely twat. The 63 year old ducked twice so the journalist’s shoes narrowly missed their target. Which means the journalist only scored 100 points for 2 near misses, the good news is that his target is the most hated man on the planet so he scores 10,000 extra points which puts him at the top of our leader board with 10,100 points. Beat that!

For footage of the event click here


One Response to “BE A WINNER! In our new competition…”

  1. Dave E said

    The only problem I have with this is that the dumb fucker appears to be really adept at avoiding a shoe attack. Perhaps an RPG would have been more successful.

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