Bent Bastard Beresford’s New Business Venture (PART 2)

December 20, 2008

We tracked down the company that will host and decided to warn them about their potentially dodgy client. We sent NetBenefit the following email message…


Just a few short words to warn you that Jim Beresford, who is using your company to host ‘‘, is presently one of the most hated men in South Yorkshire. He has just been struck off because he conned money out of former coal miner’s who had been making compensation claims regarding work related diseases. The full story can be found here.

We would not suppose to tell you your business, but you would be telling the wider community a lot about your business practices if you were to continue working with a man who has already been reprimanded for unethical breaches of practice law. We would respectfully ask that NetBenefit withdraw services from with immediate effect.

Your truly,

Robin Goodfella
Cpn. Swing
General Ludd
Bonny Anne
Queen Teuta of Illyria
The Barnsdale Brigade

You might want to send them your own email, or give them a ring on 0800 328 7477 just to make sure that they know exactly what kind of scum they’re dealing with.


One Response to “Bent Bastard Beresford’s New Business Venture (PART 2)”

  1. Dave E said

    I sent them a quick email, I wonder if they’ll reply…

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