Child Services “CHAOTIC & DANGEROUS”

December 20, 2008

Doncaster’s children’s services have been branded ‘chaotic and dangerous’ in a recent Ofsted report. We were among the eight worst local authorities in the country; a list which also included Birmingham, Essex, Haringey, Reading, Surrey, West Sussex and Wokingham.

Doncaster is one of the UK’s poorest areas, which means we attract millions of pounds of funding to try and alleviate poverty in the area. Unfortunately this kind of money also attracts ‘grant monsters’; middle class parasites who are experts in sucking up all the resources and cash made available to local communities (we also have to put up with a corrupt council who think that they have first dibs on public money – for instance they robbed 17 million pounds from the New deal For the Communities kitty which was supposed to be spent on other projects). Only 5% of public money is spent by people who are publicly accountable; which means that 95% of our money is pissed away by people who have no real connection to (or concern for…) the people that the money is supposed to help. The situation in child services (and any other public body) will not improve until all people involved in public services are made publicly accountable – i.e. until we have a semblance of real democracy in local and national government. This, of course, is not to happen under the present system; the only real solution to impoverishment – no matter how unfashionable it may be at the moment – is insurrection.  It’s time to GO GREEK!


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