GAZA – the Palestinian Holocaust*

January 5, 2009

A few facts about the ‘defence’ of Israel…

Over 500 dead Palestinians.

Over 20% of the dead are women and children.

Many of the dead men are elderly and non-combatants.

Today Palestinian hospitals will be running for their third consecutive day on emergency back-up generators.

18 Israeli civilians have been murdered by rocket fire in 7 years; 4 of them since the present hostilities began – which equates to a rapid escalation of Israeli casualties due to the extreme actions of the Israeli government.

Yesterday 17 people from the same family were killed in Baitlahia, North Gaza.

Despite claims of ‘surgical strikes’ (an old and tired lie nowadays) an ambulance was targeted by an F16 rocket killing three paramedics who were on their way to assist a family in distress.

13,000 displaced people – 2,000 homeless families.


*Nb We had a big argument about using the term holocaust in the title. In no way do we make light of the term and we are sure that as communists, trade unionists and anarchists we would have joined those who died at the hands of the Nazis if we were in that position. But Western capitalism was built upon wave after wave of genocide and equates to a 500 year holocaust – of which the Palestinian crisis is a part; Gaza is certainly a 21st Century equivalent to the Warsaw Ghetto. Also we are not adverse to using sensationalist headlines, the mainstream media use this tactic every single day whether they’re talking about ‘terrorism’ or ‘ASBO kids’ – you have to fight propaganda with propaganda.



2 Responses to “GAZA – the Palestinian Holocaust*”

  1. Ella said

    “Also we are not adverse to using sensationalist headlines” yet you deny you are using the term lightly? You shouldn’t care what the mainstream media does, why try to emulate them? The only sensationalism in describing it as a holocaust comes from the shock of hearing a Jewish state is the perpetrator. That is why it is sensationalist and for no other reason.
    The situation in Palestine is so utterly heartbreaking, so unacceptable and so indefensable that simply attempting to ‘sensationalise’ discussion of it by wrongly calling it a holocaust detracts from the seriousness of it as an issue and the plain facts of what the situation is- a violent apartheid.

  2. Class War - Barnsdale Brigade said

    This was not an attempt to emulate the media. The argument was that L. wanted to use the term ‘holocaust’ and W. did not – incidently we both argued for much the same reasons, i.e. that the ‘holocaust comes from the shock of hearing a Jewish state is the perpetrator’. L. won the argument, but W. insisted on the footnote because he could see the argument that may be raised. It was an afterthought that it may be seen as ‘sensationalist’ so we added that to the end, but the footnote got an argument anyway. C’est la vie.

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