Children Suffer Because Of “In-Work Poverty”

January 7, 2009

2.9 million children in the UK are living in poverty. Some are impoverished because their parents are unemployed, but many more are victims of “in-work poverty”. Low paid jobs in wholesale, retail, hospitality, service, sales and customer service sectors mean that even children with one or both parents in employment will still go without. 5.3 million people presently in this form of wage slavery have little or no prospects of moving up the ‘career ladder’ or boosting their earnings.

So what exactly does Gordon Brown hope to achieve by forcing more parents into the trap of meaningless, low paid employment that benefits only the robbing bastards who own the companies? Parents forced to take low paid jobs won’t be any better off; children of these parents will be worse off in that they will lose the much needed support of their parents; the only thing that will benefit from such a move is the – already cooked – official unemployment statistics. Isn’t it time we put parenting before profits?


One Response to “Children Suffer Because Of “In-Work Poverty””

  1. azoptimist said

    I love it — “Isn’t it time we put parenting before profits?” Yes, yes, yes!

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