Affluence Fucks You Up – OFFICIAL!

January 8, 2009

A new report has revealed what we already know at heart; that the middle-class lifestyle that we’re told we should aspire to is completely fucked up. The BBC website says…

Pupils ‘are happier in the north’

Children in the north of England are more emotionally secure than elsewhere in the country, according to an Ofsted survey of pupil well-being.

The poll of 150,000 10 to 15-year-olds also shows teenagers in some of the most disadvantaged areas are less likely to take drugs and alcohol.

Pupils in inner London reported the lowest rates of substance misuse. Rates were higher in London’s leafy suburbs.

Children in south west England were most likely to report being bullied.

Children in Knowsley on Merseyside, where educational attainment is relatively low, reported high levels of emotional well-being. They also have some of the lowest levels of bullying and relatively high participation rates in positive activities.

Some of the country’s most affluent areas, such as the London Borough of Richmond-Upon-Thames and some wealthier rural areas report lower levels of pupil well-being.

Bullying rates, as measured in the survey, were lowest in Liverpool and highest in the Isle of Wight.

So don’t worry, be happy and fuck the middle class!


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