WARNING!!! Somebody IS watching every move you make!

January 10, 2009


To ‘protect‘ us from ‘terrorism‘ the UK government is proposing to spend £12bn of public money to create a database of every UK individual’s emails, internet activity and mobile phone calls. The data will be held by a private (probably US owned) company and will be used to gather evidence on possible terrorist activity.

The fact that the government is paranoid and treats the people that it is supposed to serve as a threat is nothing new; this kind of monitoring of the UK population has been practised covertly at Menwith Hill for years and blacklists based on political/union activity are always being brought to light. But if this database becomes an overt tool of the law then the evidence collected will be submissable in court and the potential for misuse and miscarriages of justice becomes potentially devastating.

Sir Ken Macdonald, one time Director of Public Prosecutions, described the database as an “unimaginable hell-house of personal private information”, but his successor Keir Starmer QC, speaking publicly for the first time since taking up his post in November, said the Government, police and security agencies should only be allowed to collect and use that data where there was a clear “legitimate purpose” that justified the invasion of an individual’s privacy – this is newspeak for “make sure your victim is adequately demonised in the media before you make your move.” This does show what we can expect from the law, a gradual softening of it’s stance as the government increases its pressure.

Fear and paranoia leads to fascism – where is  our latter day Gorgeous George Orwell?


One Response to “WARNING!!! Somebody IS watching every move you make!”

  1. danmihalache said

    It’s amazing how often people realise nowaday how actual Orwell is.
    I live in Romania, and in times when my country were a comunist one we though that in West it’s the Heaven. Comparatively it was. But… nobody is perfe”k”t…
    Though, you never lived the conditions that we did, and we didn’t in thouse of Papa Doc’s subjects or thouse of Pol Pot. Weak consolation, eh?
    Best regards,
    Dan, Romania,

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