BBC = ‘Brotherhood of Bad Christians’

January 11, 2009

It’s quite obvious that there is a Christian clique at the heart of the BBC – how else would Jeremy fucking Vine find employment? – but even we were shocked when ‘auntie’ was forced to apologise for editing anti-religious sentiment to make it appear pro-religious. The BBC issued their apology after Australian psychologist, Dorothy Rowe emailed the corporation saying “My words were edited to make it sound that I held a favourable opinion of religion in that it gave a structure to a person’s life. What was not broadcast was what I had said about how such structures can be damaging to people. Being misquoted in this way concerned me greatly.”

Rowe states on her website that she was deeply concerned about “having something in the public domain that did not represent my views” which “could cause me considerable problems, particularly when the subject matter was religion”; the interview “sounds like I am giving unqualified praise to religious belief. There is no mention of what I talked… about at length, that religious belief can cause immense misery. I often summarise this with: ‘The church keeps me in business’.”

We live in a predominantly secular society, but you would never guess so with our media and government. Censor forms that ask about religion (incidentally, there will soon be a form that the parents of all British school children will have to fill in by law that demands parents religion, status and employment) do not recognise ‘atheist’ or ‘humanist’ and so we are filed under Church of England! Programmes that pit religious thinkers against atheists are so rare that they’re portrayed as controversial and Radio 4’s long running ‘Thought For The Day’ still does not have a ‘thinker’ representing non-religious views.

Marx said ‘religion is the opium of the people’; we’d like to add… ‘TV is the Temazepam of the masses!’



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