Government Launches Official Inquiry Into Doncaster Child Services

January 12, 2009

Seven child deaths have led to a government inquiry into Doncaster Council’s  Child Services department. Of the seven deaths being examined in serious case reviews, two of the children were murdered by their fathers and four were less than one year old at the time of their deaths. The findings of three reviews have already been published – they involved children who were abused or neglected before they died, which means that social services could have prevented their deaths. Doncaster’s child services is among the worst performing in the country, but Mayor Martin Winter says…

“I’m disappointed to a certain extent that politicians are raising these issues in this way. [sic] Children’s services and the protecting and safeguarding of children is one of the most important things we do in Doncaster and they shouldn’t become the centre of a political football.”

This isn’t about the gutter politics that our Mayor has always wallowed in, it’s about the safety of our kids. Doncaster Metropolitan Borough Council performs below par on virtually everything it gets it’s grubby little hands on; not because of the people who work for them (though they’re the ones who’ll be scape-goated), but because of the institutionalised corruption that is still with us despite Donnygate.


Martin Winter = WANKER!


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