BBC Still Emphasise ‘Race’ Over ‘Class’!!!

January 27, 2009

We have already mentioned the excellent Runnymede Trust report on the class divide (Who Cares about the White Working Class?); if you haven’t read the full report download it and read it now!

To summarise it clearly shows how the mechanisms of class oppression, combined with the UK’s overt classism, are keeping people from low income households (from every ethnic group) in a state of near economic apartheid. The trust uses the term ‘white working class’ in the title, but only because the report goes on to counter the media created ‘white working class’ myth that poverty is culturally determined and that poor white kids are losing out because other ethnic groups receive more help from education and government inspired initiatives. At every step this report fights the notions that the poor are responsible for their own impoverishment and that poor whites are losing out to poor blacks. They clearly state…

It is unequal class competition which explains the situation of the white working class, and it is simply misleading to characterise it instead as a question of ethnic identity and entitlement.

If we really want to understand disadvantage, we need to shift our attention from who fights over the scraps from the table, to think instead about how much the table holds, and who really gets to enjoy the feast.

And our favourite line…

The fact remains that it is often harder for privileged children to fail than it is for disadvantaged children to succeed.

The BBC are shot down time and time again in this report for being part of a blatantly classist media that consistently misrepresents class as an ethnic or cultural issue. The BBC are also one of the worst purveyors of class stereotypes on television; what’s worse is that the working class are obliged to pay these bastards for the privilege!

So how did the BBC report the findings of the Runnymede Trust? With the headline “WHITE working class losing out

Not “Working Class Losing Out”, which is essence of the report; or even more acurately “Working Class Losing Out to Overprivileged Middle Class”. Being journalists we doubt that they even bothered to read the report. Unfortunately we all know that the BBC will continue to misrepresent the issue of class, because the BBC is itself controlled by the beneficiaries of a classist society.

cuntsPupils from Glenalmond College in Perthshire have been secretly filmed hunting, shooting and fishing for ‘chavs’ during their summer holidays. The boys are all aged between 12 and 16, some dressed in full hunting gear and others in shooting tweeds. This is what privilege buys you; arrogance, inhumanity and contempt for your fellow human beings.


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