Kids Close Labour’s Flagship Academy School

January 28, 2009

The Richard Rose Central Academy in Carlisle was supposed to be Labour’s shining example of how the academy system is good for education. Instead it has just helped to demonstrate that outside management will fuck up education in exactly the same way it has bled the health service dry.

Indeed the chief executive running the academy foundation, Peter Noble, was formerly a manager in the NHS and he has already been criticised for his lack of education experience. With this in mind the pupils decided to campaign against him in a non-uniform protest.

Scores of children marched to the academy led by a boy with a banner saying, “We’re taking action”. As they marched, several hundred more milled around inside the school grounds. Police, as usual, aggravated the situation by trying to stop other pupils reaching their destination and the protest was forced to spill across the road.

Pupils then began scaling the school’s fences and trouble broke out inside the premises in response to the police’s actions. As the protest continued, around 20 parents and 30 sixth-formers stood silently outside in support of the protest, but the school was forced to close.

Figures released by Cumbria County Council showed 149 pupils had been excluded from the 1,900-pupil school since it opened in September; which is largely the norm for academy schools. The school is facing an investigation after parents complained about standards.

We must fight to keep the interests of businessmen and middle class management out of an education system that has already been shown to be drastically failing working class kids.



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