Almost 1 Million ‘Unproductive’ Youths

January 30, 2009

From 2003 to 2007 the number of kids that were unemployed, but not in education or training (the kids that the middle class media have seen fit to label ‘NEETS’ (Not in Education, Employment, or Training) has risen from 94,000 to 850,000 and is likely to rise even further during the recession.

According to the Department of Innovation two fifths of kids are positive about committing to education or training, two thirds face significant personal or structural barriers which stop them from finding work or training and one third are dissatisfied with what’s on offer to them. That’s three thirds of kids that either cannot or will not participate in the exploitation of youth!

What’s really on offer are training schemes controlled by grant-monsters who care more about collecting money from the government than they do about helping working class kids, McFiddles – like McDonalds taking on ‘apprentices’ so they can pay young McSlaves £80 for a week’s work and ‘education’ that is geared towards services sector and white-collar jobs – jobs that remain largely out of the reach of the working class.

teenagers226If the politicians are so worried about our kids hanging around on street corners then they’ll be glad to know that we’ve found a solution – bus them to the nearest refinery to support the strikers; that way they’ll get some ‘on-the-job training’ that will really prepare them for the future!


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