Raise A Glass to the Waterford Workers!!!

January 31, 2009


Hundreds of workers have stormed Ireland’s Waterford Crystal factoryat Kilbarry after learning they were about to lose their jobs.

The firm’s receivers brought in a private security firm to try and stop the workers from entering the factory, this led to some scuffles, but the workers soon took control. Unite’s regional secretary, Jimmy Kelly has announced…

“There’s a lot of anger. People feel they’ve been betrayed. We were in a process and we were given a commitment that we would be kept briefed on any development, but the receiver went ahead today and decided on the closure. What we are trying to do now is get the decision to close the place reversed, or postponed for a few days to allow us to engage in that process. This is not the way to treat people in the middle of something.”

The workers are trying to buy time to find a prospective buyer for the company, but there is another option – the workers who took over their factories in Argentina during the countries 1999-2002 economic collapse found that they were more productive, happier and more profitable without their old bosses; we think that there may be a lesson to be learnt here 🙂


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