Here’s A Flint That Doesn’t Strike…

February 1, 2009


Europe Minister and MP for Doncaster’s Don Valley constituency, Caroline Flint has joined forces with slimy twat, Lord Mandelson to condemn the refinery strikers. Arch neo-Labourite, Flint says…

“It is important to remember that open European labour markets also allow British firms and workers to take advantage of contracts and opportunities elsewhere in the EU.”

In other words businesses should use migrant labour to force down wages and sidestep workers rights, whilst workers should be content to leave their families and work abroad just to make ends meet.

Her partner in crime, Lord (of lies) Mandelson, says…

“I understand people’s concerns about jobs and it is important to make sure that both domestic UK law and European rules are being applied properly and fairly. But it would be a huge mistake to retreat from a policy where, within the rules, UK companies can operate in Europe and European companies can operate here. Protectionism would be a sure-fire way of turning recession into depression.”

We’re not in a bloody recession, we’re in a period of forced re-adjustment that marks the end of nearly four decades of neo-liberal capitalism. The capitalist system is changing and it’s up to the working class ensure that that change swings in their favour. Unfortunately, as things stand, the outcome looks bleak; but working class history shows that the tide can – and does – turn in our favour when we work together. And we’re more likely to work together in times of need. Support the strikers, support the working class!


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