A Big ‘Thank You’ To Iceland :-)

February 3, 2009

Last week 20ft container filled with warm clothing donated by the people of Iceland landed in Hull. The garments were kindly donated by the people of Iceland after they learned about the suffering of UK pensioners. Typically the media made light of the issue, but the fact remains impoverished pensioners will die this winter.


Neil Duncan-Jordan, of the National Pensioners Convention, said “This is a fantastic and generous act of compassion from the people of Iceland, particularly at a time when their own economic situation is extremely difficult. But it is also a shocking indictment of the UK Government’s complete inability to tackle properly the problem of winter deaths amongst older people.”

According to Age Concern there are approximately 40,000 older people in Hull who receive a state pension and roughly 30% of those people are in some from of financial deprivation.  The real way to tackle this situation is to import something else from our Icelandic friends – their ability to get rid of their government!

Last week the entire cabinet of Iceland’s conservative government was forced to resign. The people of Iceland are calling for an elected government of individuals – not parties. This makes real sense as Party Political Representative Democracy in most countries – and especially in the UK – is almost completely meaningless to the majority of the population as they only represent the socio-economic interests of the dominant middle class and not the social interests of the people. Iceland’s newly formed intermediate government is led by Iceland’s first woman prime minister and openly gay head of state, Johanna Sigurdardottir who has declared…

“I was today asked by the president of Iceland to finish forming the government, which has succeeded. That government will be based on new social values.”


Johanna Sigurdardottir


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