Is The Postman Gonna Deliver?

February 4, 2009


This is Olivier Besancenot, a postman and the face of France’s newest political party, the Nouveau Parti Anti-Capitaliste (NPA). The party, which plans to build a non-capitalist state and is looking, first of all, for a catchier name (something the UK’s only viable openly working class political party, the Independent Working Class Association – IWCA – might like to consider), will be founded during a three-day conference starting on Friday at Saint Denis, just north of Paris.  The party promises to offer something new for Europe. As NPA delegate, John Mullen, puts it…

“[T]he party is not first and foremost about elections. Its 400 sections around the country have been active building the protests for Gaza, getting different unions to work together in the mass strikes, building the lecturers’ strike which is closing half French universities this week. For the NPA, it is mass mobilization which gets results, more surely than elections, as students showed a couple of years back when they made the government withdraw the hated First Employment Contract.”

Greece, Iceland, France – in the word’s of a crappy New Zealand toursit board advert, ‘What Do You Say, UK?’


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