All Middle Class Now?

February 5, 2009

We came across the following poem recently. Micheline Mason rocks!!!

Now We Are All Middle Class

Ten A-C’s

Preferably with stars

That is the only way to be

Successful now,

It’s the only point of school

The stiff competition

In the global market

Makes it necessary you see

To raise the standards

To such a degree

That we can all be free

Of the need

To be working class

No, we won’t need houses

Hospitals or schools.

Buildings are now unnecessary

And so are tools.

No bricks will need laying

No pipes to be plumbed,

No wood to join,

No tiles to be laid,

No walls to be plastered,

No sockets to be wired.

No roads, no rails,

No phone lines, cables or masts.

All that is in the past now

We are no longer working class

No more oil rigs,

No more gas,

No more wind power

Turbines, generators or grids

No more electricity,

Petrol at the pumps,

No more servicing or maintenance

No more mechanics for our cars,

No more clothes to be sewn

No more washing, ironing or putting away,

No more hair to be cut.

Nothing will need making,

And nothing will ever break,

All that is in the past now

We are no longer working class

No more babies to be cuddled,

No more patients to be healed,

No more Home Care, Child Care or Meals on wheels,

No more sadness to be noticed,

No more messes to be cleaned,

No more food to be farmed,

No more meals to be cooked

No more heat, no more light,

No more deaths to be grieved

The future is in the City

Now that we are all middle class

Micheline Mason. Nov. 2003


2 Responses to “All Middle Class Now?”

  1. marksany said

    Good poem. Of course these things don’t need the working class, we can get foreigners to do them all cheaper.

  2. Class War - Barnsdale Brigade said

    Which, of course, is leading to a slow, but growing ever more powerful, growth in international class conciousness. Which – in this, the communication age – presents us with the first glimmering hopes for real social change since the birth of neo-liberalism.

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