Reward The Guilty And Punish The Poor! – What Exactly Is Government For?

February 9, 2009

The government has announced that it has created an aid package for charities that are trying to help those who are worst hit by recession (or should that be depression, eh Gordon?), the money is aimed at groups like Shelter who tackle homelessness. But unlike the 500 billion pound bank-bailout the government are offering a paltry 40 million – less than one thousandth of the figure given to bankers – money which they haven’t passed on to businesses and the public and which they’re now using to pay themselves in bonuses for their failures!

Worse still just a hundredth of the bank-bail-out money, five billion pounds, could end child poverty in the UK. With a child’s socio-economic status still being the best predictor of how that child will fare throughout the rest of their life, ending child poverty is the only way to ensure equality and social justice in the future – that or all out revolution!

If the government is not for all of us, then what is the use of government? If the rich don’t spend enough to protect the poor today then they won’t be able to spend enough to protect themselves from the poor in the future.



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