When The Going Gets Tough – The Tough Turn On Each Other!

February 15, 2009

With HBOS losses now predicted to be around 11 billion pounds (more than twice the amount needed to end child poverty by 2020 – see here) Gordon Brown has placed the blame firmly at the bank’s door by saying that HBOS’s difficulties were due to its ‘flawed business model’. But the former head of risk at HBOS, Paul Moore, claims to have over 30 documents that prove Brown’s complicity in the collapse of the UK banking system and is calling for the Prime Sinister’s resignation.

Let’s not forget that the government, the banks and big business were as thick as thieves (…’thieves’ being the operative word!) during the boom years – which, of course, meant a ‘boom’ for the rich, but impoverishment, loss of liberties and an abandonment of human and worker’s rights for the rest of us. The middle class have conspired to rob the poor for years, but now, as their cosy little number comes crashing down, they’re turning on each other. Oh, how the mighty have fallen – lets tread them further into the ground!



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