Children are “on the front line of the recession”

February 17, 2009

According to the Children’s Society our kids are being directly and indirectly affected by the recession. Almost half of 11 to 13-year-olds surveyed said their parents were worried about their economic situation and one in five 17 to 19-year-olds looking for a job said they could not find one. The vast majority of kids surveyed said they knew what the credit crunch was, and a third said they worried about what they heard on the news. Only around 15% said they hadn’t been affected by it.

A spokesman for Department of Children, Schools and Families, said it was “disappointing” that some young people were concerned about the economy. “Disappointing!”, what’s truly disappointing is that we’re bailing out greedy bankers when a fraction of that money could be used to provide people with a little security in hard times. What’s “disappointing” is that the poor will continue to pay for the mistakes of the rich.


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