Burn The Bastards

February 18, 2009

We were going to write something about Raley’s, but Snookcocker has already said all that needs to be said…

First Jim Beresford and his mate, now six of the buggers at Raleys Solicitors scavenged the fat from miners’ compensation claims.

Are all solicitors money grabbing thieving twats?

Has the NUM become just like any other top down bureaucratic union?


2 Responses to “Burn The Bastards”

  1. Strange life aint it? We also thought a write up, but we have been in court the very fucking one where former comrades stood acused from orgreve 25 years on, we stood in court room one, this time we walked out to the rain of a feb morning following our exploration of The now deralict Sheffield Crown Court Mother Earth and done her justice and in time our class will do the parasites who fuck us over the same fucking justice, what gose around comes around our time will be soon, we just have to realsie our dreams, as we did at 530 this morning see more underclassrising.net following the links:

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