Police fear UK ‘Summer of Rage’ – but will Summer lead to Fall?

February 23, 2009

The BBC are running this article about how certain elements (who could they be?) will be trying to agitate those who are disillusioned and impoverished by the economic downturn (which is most of us). The angriest photo they could find to illustrate the point was this…


Which does look more ‘slightly miffed’ than ‘outraged’. Unfortunately it’s not a bad illustration for the state of organised protest in Britain. Don’t get us wrong. I’m sure we’ll all have lots of fun venting our spleens this summer, but come Autumn will anything have changed?

The truth is that we have the all the resources, skills and technology we need to completely do away with bureaucracy, hierarchy and class division that are in place to ensure that the rich get ever richer whilst the vast majority of people on the planet struggle to survive.  Riots might be good for getting peoples attention, but the real work that “known activists” need to focus on is deliverying the right message when the time comes.


One Response to “Police fear UK ‘Summer of Rage’ – but will Summer lead to Fall?”

  1. We would be sooner the people setting our agenda, how really Wevolutionary of you all to march from fucking point a to point b, in ever deceasing circles you dissapear up your own backsides, along with the bullshit you lot speak and to be frank, we have herd the same slogan time after fucking time just as we have no time for the far right, we neither have time for lefty’s and petty bourgeois anarchist, for our class to be free we need to Make TheMiddle Class History no there is one banner, and placards we more than happy to march under with Class Pride Class Unity..

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