The Poverty Profiteers – Bastards Every One Of ‘Em

March 18, 2009

Unfortunately the Barnsdale Brigade went to ground for a while (quite literally, it was onion planting week last week!) and we missed the fact that some real scum were paying a visit to South Yorkshire. Auction Today are parasites who sell off repossessed homes, like their American counterparts (who put on extravagant shows that make a mockery of people’s suffering) these detestable bastards profiteer from the fact that tens of thousands of families are losing their homes thanks to the greed of bankers and shareholders.

We missed the fuckers when they visited our patch, but they’ll be at a town near you soon…

Auction Date Auction Inventory and Venue Information
31st. Mar. Newcastle- The North East, Scotland and Northern Ireland | REMOTE BIDDING AVAILABLE
1st. Apr. Leeds- Yorkshire and East Midlands
2nd. Apr. Birmingham- The Midlands and South Wales
4th. Apr. Manchester- The North West and North Wales | REMOTE BIDDING AVAILABLE
5th. Apr. London- The South and East Anglia

Auction Today and those who seek to profit from their services are scum, why not sign up and pay them a visit and tell them what you think?



3 Responses to “The Poverty Profiteers – Bastards Every One Of ‘Em”

  1. ray said

    I’m told that they charge the buyer 10% as opposed to the usual auction fee of 1% thus depressing he price and forcing the previous owner into yet more debt.
    I’m also told that many of people being repossessed are buy to let landlords not worthy of our sympathy. I don’t know, but I do know that some of us soft southern tossers have got autumn planted onion sets six inches high!

  2. Class War - Barnsdale Brigade said

    six inches! – you lucky buggers!!!

  3. Dave E said

    apply for the auction catalogues, and squat the lot….

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