Health Service is failing our kids – just like every other service in Britain!

March 21, 2009

Sir Ian Kennedy has been appointed to lead a health watchdog that has been set up to examine why the health service is failing children in the UK. Sir Ian is quoted as saying…

“What is getting in the way of doing what almost all right-minded people would think was a fundamental social obligation to its next generation? I wish I knew the answer.”

Well, Ian, here are a few clues for yer… GREED, CLASS & PRIVILEGE

Every public service in the UK has become infected with the same ineffectual practices; practices which benefit the rich and the middle classes at the expense of  services for the working class. Meritocracy, sham public consultancy, over paid (under qualified) managers and a lack of accountability – this recipe for disaster has been repeated throughout the public service sector; and all in the name of profit!

The neoliberal socio-economic system (started by Thatcher’s Conservatives and pushed to new levels by New Labour) has widened the gap between rich and poor and made social mobility near impossible. Public services inevitably came to reflect the class divide and slowly two tier services (one for the ‘haves’ and the other for the rest of us) became the norm.   For a while we were kept happy thanks to our new gadgets and gizmos which we bought on readily available credit, but now, as times get hard, the cracks are starting to appear.

If we want a good health service – or any other public service for that matter – we’re gonna have to rescue it from the hands of the privileged few.



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