Three Cheers for ‘Bank Bosses Are Criminals’

March 25, 2009

A group calling themselves Bank Bosses Are Criminals (BBAC) have claimed responsibility for the attack on Sir Fred (the Shred) Goodwin’s house and car. The much loathed former Royal Bank of Scotland chief executive had his plush Edinburgh mansion trashed and his prized Mercedes S600 badly damaged in the dawn attack – just 24-hrs after it was revealed his former employers still pick up the tab for insuring his fleet of luxury motors.

The BBAC issued a statement saying…

“We are angry that rich people, like him, are paying themselves a huge amount of money, and living in luxury, while ordinary people are made unemployed, destitute and homeless.

This is a crime. Bank bosses should be jailed.

This is just the beginning.”

Anyone who has any sympathy for Goodwin should take note of the following facts (borrowed from Deadline Scotland)…

Sir Fred’s expensive tastes

Wallpaper costing £1000 per roll was allegedly used to decorate the lobby outside Sir Fred’s office after a small stain was spotted on one wall.

And it has also been claimed two huge RBS boardrooms were re-carpeted twice, at a cost of £100 per square yard, because Sir Fred did not like the colour.

Other allegations recently leveled against the beleaguered banker include splashing out £100,000-a-month on part-time chauffeurs and having fruit specially flown in from Paris.

And it has also been revealed that the reviled banking boss has just opened an account at a private bank reserved for the super-rich.

Prestigious bank Adam & Company, which is based in Edinburgh’s exclusive Charlotte Square, claims to deliver a personal service to clients with “complex financial affairs”.

The exclusive bank, who have offices in Edinburgh, London and Guernsey, were bought over by RBS in 1993, but operate as a private bank with RBS as the parent company.



16 Responses to “Three Cheers for ‘Bank Bosses Are Criminals’”

  1. alan brewer said

    I totally agree with bastard above (Sir Fred) being ridicuked and should be at the least put in prison.

  2. Hey man,

    My name is Rob and I am a musician / arem-chair economist / environmentalist living in Vancouver,

    Have you seen the video on the net called Money As Debt? If not, I highly recommend viewing it. It is the history of currency / banking, and it makes so clear as to how these creeps have ruined the planet.

    Anyway, do these people have a website or anything? I’m geting a Mac soon and among other things am going to fire up a wesite inspiring economic revolution / natioalize all the banks.

    I guess I’ll need the bbac for protection.

    Take Care, Rob Driscoll

  3. UnderClass said

    Its Not only Sir Fred , its all the Hierarchy, who reaped Big Bonuses , While the Banks were going under, they were slapping each others backs, working out hows to give themselves Big payoffs.

  4. Andy B said

    I applaud ‘Bank bosses are criminals’ we can all see that a few banks have dragged this country in to bankruptcy. If Sir Fred cannot accept he and a handful of other bank executives have changed the fortunes for the worse for most people in this country for a very long time whilst he enjoys comforts beyond many peoples comprehension then that sums up why he could not forsee how much damage his decisions would make.

    The british public are further let down by a government who repeatedly ignore public opinion & due to the dominance of Lawyers & European legislation are powerless to redress the contracted rewards for failure.

    This country needs a revolution, a wake up call to sort out all the issues that have been simmering beneath the typical british aparthy.This is the only way to kick start this country back into the world leader it used to be.

    Greed,beauracracy & corruption is rife.The roman empire ended this way so has the british one.

    The only way this group could make there point is through this act of vandalism. We have all tried the democratic way and that has produced no change nor will it for years by which time we will be really suffering with huge tax bills,massive unemployment & a surge in crime.

    The real crime is the governments bail out of the banks. Democracy should have allowed this to happen.

  5. Uknowner said

    Good job BBAC about time someone punished these assholes, these suits think they can get away with everything and that the public doesnt have a voice but where there maybe no voice there is a bite. Keep up the good work.

  6. Danny F. said

    I don’t condone violence, but it wasn’t an attack on him anyway so well done to BBAC.

    They shouldn’t stop there though, british tax payers are being ripped off by lots of other people in power…. it’s time that british folk took back some of power given to these arseholes by whatever means necessary.

    If we don’t, before long we’ll end up being slaves to the system, if we aren’t already! and they call this a democracy!

  7. mike said

    Good job, guys. This is the only way things will change.

    In my country we are getting screwed by the bankers too and our government has established a “fund for friends” for the banks. Banks are getting free money from the taxpayers and turning around charging the people 30% for credit card balances–all the time while we fund their multi million dollar bonuses for failure.

    Phone calls to our senators were running 50 to 1 against a bailout but America is now run by the mongolian banks (Rothchild interests here) through our federal reserve. They lobby our legislators by buying them little boys, drugs, hookers, and gambling and get whatever they want. So there does not appear to be a peaceful solution.

    We called it the Boston Tea Party and you guys have fired the shot heard round the world and started the good fight.
    Best wishes to you all and hopefully a cinder from your revolution will strike a spark here.

    Mike USA

  8. Joe Normal said

    Sir Fred Goodwin is one if not ‘the’ one head of a banking corporation that has been responsible for bring misery and anguish to millions of normal law abiding people throughout the world. People who pay bills and debit on time. Do not have bad debits. Make sure they cut their cloths accordingly.

    However, by people like Sir Fred Goodwin, exploiting the financial and social pariahs’ who run up debit after debit after debit, mixed with the greed of the banks, the law abiding people around the world are in more misery than Adolf Hitler, Osama bin Laden and Saddam Hussein put together have inflicted. They are now either dead or being hunted down by authorities’.

    Should criminal proceedings’ be investigated in world banking? Are we surprised that ‘Joe Public’ is demonstrating frustration in ways seen today?

  9. Rory said

    I don’t have any sympathy for him personally.

    I do have great respect for the law, however, which these scalawags do not.

    They can insult him all they like, but he has acted within the law, and they have not. Simple as that.

  10. […] live as a second class citizen. The law has already failed the vast majority of us – this is why Bank Bosses Are Criminals (BBAC) were forced to break the law in order to seek justice – once again the ‘Just’ […]

  11. Peter said

    Bankers have been getting big bonuses for years, and while everything was going smoothly and people could get cheap credit no questions asked, no-one complained. Now people feel they’ve been taken advantage of and they don’t understand why, so they’re looking for scapegoats. That’s all. It is not the beginning of a new world consciousness.

    Instead of throwing stones at bankers’ windows, maybe people should ask themselves how they can contribute towards a more stable economy: maybe by taking a bit more responsibility for looking after their own money by making investments they understand and have real, human contact with. Now that would be a revolution.

  12. […] live as a second class citizen. The law has already failed the vast majority of us – this is why Bank Bosses Are Criminals (BBAC) were forced to break the law in order to seek justice – once again the ‘Just’ have been […]

  13. Bee said

    At one time bankers were proud to be bankers now they are considered the other starting with “w”. Bonuses are on top of salaries and when “bonuses” are as they have been then there should be some come back – lets face it no one else would get a bonus for doing poorly so why should they!

    This is not sour grapes, this is a matter of fact – few other people would get bonuses for a rubbish job, so why should they? Did Sir Fred the Shred think he would be publicaly allowed to get away with it regardless of law when the rest of the country is technically bankcrupt.

    If you read this Fred do yourself a huge favour and do what is morally right and save your sorry arse from further trouble… if i were you I would feel whole-heartedly ashamed!!

  14. nivram said

    i totaly agree with the action taken against “fred” if the government wont or cant do anything about it, then let the people do it.
    next on the list should be the crooked politicians, its about time everybody got off their knees and took the country back, its great britain not rubbish britain.

  15. […] but those who take a stand tomorrow do so with the full backing of the people. The actions of Bank Bosses Are Criminals (BBAC) were met with the near universal support of the general public – which is the only true […]

  16. JMesrine said

    “They can insult him all they like, but he has acted within the law, and they have not. Simple as that.”

    So simple that Rory still didn’t understand a fuck.
    It’s very simple indeed:
    within law you can fraud and sack people
    without law you can bosses’windows.
    It’s very obvious that you have to choose
    which side you are on nowadays,
    and I think that any people of wisdom
    would choose to stand outside.

    Jacques Mesrine

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