April 2, 2009


Since Tuesday workers at Visteon factories in Basildon, Enfield and Belfast have been staging factory occupations and roof top protests. They were forced to take action when more than 560 jobs were axed; they were given less than an hour’s notice!

Visteon make parts for major car manufacturers, one of their main customers is Ford and it is widely believed that Ford has been stockpiling parts which has added to Visteon’s problems. Administrators from KPMG said they had “no option” but to shut the factories, given the amount of cash being lost from the business, but the workers say they were given guarantees on pay and conditions when the company was spun out of Ford nine years ago.

There were attempts to evict the Enfield workers last night, but the eviction papers were not properly signed. The eviction has been rescheduled for tomorrow (April 3rd). People who can get to Enfield for tomorrow’s eviction should meet at Ponders End Railway Station at 10am.

Those that cannot be there in person can text messages of support to the following…


Des Heemskerk (Basildon) 07814432215

John Macquire (Belfast) 07816 590 380

Kevin Nolan (Enfield) 0780 889 5724


Mobile Phone inside the plant: 07799896466



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