Three Cheers for the ‘RBS’ – the ‘Rioting Bank Smashers!’

April 2, 2009


The working class heroes who brought it upon themselves to ‘clean up the city’ should be held in the same high regard as Bank Bosses Are Criminals (BBAC) – we know an 87 yr old lady who is claiming that she “did Goodwin”, her friend said she couldn’t have done the damage because she never leaves Doncaster, the old lady replied “But I would of done if I could!”

With estimates that some 4 million people could soon be on the dole it’s heart-warming to see that some people are finding productive ways to spend their free time…


But yesterday’s events were marred by the sad death of a protester. The facts have not yet been made clear. But reports from other countries last night suggested he may have been killed, whereas the British media said a thirty something male had ‘collapsed’ and later died.

Either way the use of cordons may have contributed to this poor guys death. The police used kettle tactics to heard protesters; this is where they cordon people into tightly packed areas so they can tightly control their movements, often keeping them in one place for hours and only letting them leave one at a time – which, of course, is a form of arbitrary detention that contravenes chapter 39 of Magna Carta. In order to affect the cordon the police will often violently rush the crowd (something you’re not likely to see on BBC coverage), when people are treated this way they become hostile and this can lead to things like back-clashes and missile throwing (which the BBC loves to broadcast). We saw footage of events like this during the miner’s strike; they were broadcast in reverse order (i.e. missile throwing followed by a police charge supposedly in retaliation) to suggest that it was the miners, rather than the police, who were violent.

As we’ve already mentioned the facts are not yet clear, but if the police are in any way culpable then they must be brought to justice – although the case of Jean Charles de Menezes, the 27 year old shot dead by police in Stockwell tube station, shows just how hard it is to hold the police accountable for their own actions.


3 Responses to “Three Cheers for the ‘RBS’ – the ‘Rioting Bank Smashers!’”

  1. #imcg20 said

    Police have a crack at a dangerous crowd of psycopaths, or a load of people who’re obviously involved in a peaceful protest and who are doing nothing at all to provoke any reaction.

  2. Class War - Barnsdale Brigade said

    The truth about the death of Mr Ian Tomlinson can be found here…

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