What price democracy?

April 2, 2009

Stuart Fraser of the City of London Corporation has said of Wednesday’s £8 million security operation that “The high cost is the price of democracy.”

Apparently democracy is when the rich and powerful can do whatever they like to make a few quid even if it adds to the suffering of the world’s poor. Then when things fuck up, as they inevitably do, they use national governments to put the  squeeze on the poor even more so that they can use public money bail themselves out. 

In reality, of course, the City of London Corporation, the banks, the G20 and the violent tactics of the police represent the polar opposite of democracy. Today, as ever, we live in under an oligarchy who’s greed knows no bounds. Today, as ever, the only solution is to bring the rich and powerful to their knees.


Stuart Fraser, class enemy


2 Responses to “What price democracy?”

  1. Yes it is time to grind the riches and their greeds, and the poor are freed. Equi distribution of wealth and prosperity is good for the health of this world.

  2. This is a film http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=t244-zEENSs is of a stand up protests getting stamped on/kicked/battered, which also happened much later in the dark. we haven’t seen any images of that but we have seen enough first person/eye-witness reports that tells us a simple truth.

    There are images of The Police dureing the day and we have put them underclssrising.net. But we’re splitting hairs here – the cops had a plan, and The Middle Class walked into it and the cops carried it out. Simple as that. Except for the detail of whose actual head got whacked, none of this happened by chance. This was planned, rehearsed, trained for by the police. We mean come on, how many times The Middle Class going to blindly wander into these situations and get clobbered, over and over again. Why is anyone surprised at the police behaviour?

    From there side this was almost a re-run of Stop The City in 1984, which was a tremendous success and which the cops learned from.The Middle Class didn’t and in 1985 when they tried it again the cops crushed them. Then after a sensible gap, J18 (1999) turned the tables on the police again, another one for them. But they figured out how to stop that happening and The Middle Class just keep trying to do the same things over again and losing. They analyse what happened and respond, The Middle Class just sit around reminiscing and try to act it out again. When are THEY going to learn?

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