Hypocrisy On High – one of the richest groups in the UK wants the poor to desire less!

April 13, 2009

The archbishop of Canterbury, Rowan Williams has said in his Easter rant to the sheep at Canterbury Cathedral…

“The present financial crisis has dealt a heavy blow to the idea that human fulfilment can be thought about just in terms of material growth and possession, […] Accepting voluntary limitation to your acquisitiveness, your sexual appetite, your freedom of choice doesn’t look so absurd after all as a path to some sort of stability and mutual care. We should be challenging ourselves and our church to a new willingness to help this witness to flourish and develop.”

This is an insult when it comes from a spokesman for an ultra-wealthy and (still) incredibly powerful group of charlatans. The Church of England (CofE) – despite their constant appeals for money to fix roofs – are one of the biggest landowners in the UK; they generate wealth by constantly selling and re-buying land – they mostly play their dodgy game of real-estate-shuffle with another major ‘landowner’ – and partner in crime – the Ministry of Defence (MoD).

Even if we forget the fact that Williams actually makes a good deal of money by lying to your children, the CofE have no grounds to judge the present situation because the protestant faith was actually invented to make life much easier for greedy, robbing merchant bastards.

The biblical Jesus doesn’t actually say very much – we don’t know his opinions on homosexuality, abortion, age of consent, drugs (though he probably liked a bit of blow), etc., but we do know he despised the rich, the romans, the merchants and the money lenders (nowadays we might say the rich, the politicians, the corporations and the bankers). Pre-puritanism usury was a crime and was seen as the lowest of the low; it happened, but it was an underground affair. This wasn’t good for business, which also meant it wasn’t good for taxes. So along came the bourgeois, protestant revolution which not only made greed and usury acceptable – they made them almost compulsory. The new, frankly unchristian (according to thier own bloody book) puritan form of Christianity embodied by the CofE set the scene for the unbridled greed of modern consumer capitalism.

And apart from all that what exactly is wrong with a health ‘sexual appetite‘; it’s certainly cheap entertainment during the recession!


Smug bastard!


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