HMP Ashwell leads the way!

April 14, 2009

The Prison Officers Association (POA) have said of the Ashwell prison uprising…

“We have been warning of this type of disturbance for many months, but no one wants to listen. The current prison population and lack of appropriate prison places has resulted in prisoners being transferred away from their homes and put in lower category prisons resulting in more drugs, violence and gang cultures in our prisons. The drive for savings has led to fewer staff, a reduction in regime and offending behaviour programmes being cancelled. End result unhappy and bored prisoners. This long weekend appears to have sparked the trouble but the root cause is lack of investment in our prisons. If this is not addressed we believe this will be the first of many disturbances of 2009.

Of course they forgot to mention that most prisoners do not deserve to be locked up in the first place. The modern prison system – conceived at the same time as schools and factories – is as much about controlling people in everyday society as it is protecting them from ‘crime’ – 90% of these so called crimes are the result of the social decay that is symptomatic of a class divided society. This was once widely understood and working class communities used to actively protect ‘criminals’ from the law. Unfortunately drugs and endemic Thatcherist morality led to a criminal element that became a burden to their own communities; if things are going  to improve we don’t need more prisons – we need more Robin Hoods!


The face of better organised crime 🙂


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