A Salute to Eddie George…

April 19, 2009



Arch bastard, Eddie George, has shed his mortal coil. Normally we’d at least try and show a little respect for the dead, but this wanker had absolutely no respect for the living. His policies and decisions whilst at the Bank of England led directly to the impoverishment and suffering of millions. Not that he felt bad about it, he famously said that lost jobs in the North are anacceptable price to pay to curb inflation in the South.”

His remarks revealed all too clearly the mindset not just of the Governor of the Bank of England but of his colleagues as well; the bankers hate the working class and now the working class are supposed to pay for their mistakes. The death of a banker is no loss to the poor.

Edward Alan John George was a greedy little man who lived to serve other greedy little men. Now he’s worm food. Amen to that.


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