Hillsborough – Time For The Truth!

April 19, 2009

It now seems very likely that official documents relating to the deaths of 96 people at Sheffield’s Hillsborough football ground on 15th April, 1989 will be released ten years early – but still 20 years too late!

Will the incompetent lying scumbag, former chief superintendent David Duckenfield, be dragged from his half million pound retirement home  just outside Bournemouth to finally face up to his crimes? Let’s hope so!

Duckenfield, of course, is no stranger to the courts and the families of the victims have already had to sit through a string of judicial travesties. But the early release of official documents promises to give new weight to their cause and deliver the verdict that should have been passed two decades ago.

There’s still an uphill struggle of course. The courts have previously evaded manslaughter charges against Duckenfield and his deputy, superintendent Bernard Murray, by restricting what is allowed as ‘admissible evidence’. In previous trials they have not allowed pictures of dead bodies to be shown – in a manslaughter case!  The Leeds trial in 2000 insisted on the ludicrous idea that people didn’t die after 3.06pm when the referee blew his whistle which was even worse than the 3:15pm limit imposed by the Coroner’s inquests; these time impositions make a mockery of medical fact and show that the legal system is being used to evade justice rather than deliver it.

One thing’s for certain, if the events of Hillsborough had happened at Glyndebourne we would have seen the full wrath of the law and Duckenfield would be sitting out his retirement at Her Majesty’s Pleasure!




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