Beware of the Bastards: Solicitors are out to fleece the miners yet again!

May 4, 2009

This summer the government is making it possible for miners to claim compensation for ‘Miners Knee’, other wise known as bursitis or  ‘beat knee’.

Miners knee problems are caused by years of repetitive work in cramped conditions and thousands of miners with arthritis of the knee will now be eligible to claim compensation. Unfortunately where there’s a claim, there’s usually a queue of greedy little, self-serving, solicitors ready to fleece you for whatever they can get.

The likes of Jim Beresford and Ian Firth have shown us exactly what these bastards are capable of, but the good news is that you don’t need these parasites in order to make a claim.

Former miners seeking further detailed information should contact…

Jobcentreplus, Castleford IIDB Centre, Leodis Way, Leeds LS88 8AQ. Telephone 0845 758 5433, Textphone 01977 464144.

The new benefit will not come in until later this summer.


One Response to “Beware of the Bastards: Solicitors are out to fleece the miners yet again!”

  1. John said

    You will be unpleased to know that is trading as Keypointlaw in Doncaster and in Beresfords old office. Mr Beresford has been struck off but I am surprised to see his daughter is one of the managing partners…does greed run in families ?

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