PAYING FOR PARANOIA: Fearful Follett costs us £25k

May 9, 2009

Of all the dumb and generally piss-taking MP’s expenses claims that have come to light over the last few days the saddest and most delusional has to be Babara Follet’s £25 thousand pound ‘security’ claim. It seems that Mrs Follett fears for her personal safety because she believes she has one of the most dangerous, sensitive and important ministerial roles in parliament – she is non other than the MINISTER FOR TOURISM!

We may mock, but anyone who has been on a political demonstration will have heard the familiar chants of “Tourists, tourists, out, out, out!” or “No! No! No! We won’t take your picture!” – it’s terrifying stuff. Maybe Follet has a point, maybe she really does need guarding from the masses (even though the majority of ‘the masses’ haven’t even heard of her), but it’s not like she can’t afford her own security – she’s married to pulp writer, Ken Follett, who happens to be one of the richest MPs in parliament!


Follett, delusional.

At least, for some MPs in trully high powered positions, security may be deemed a legitimate expense, unlike immigration minister, Phil Woolas’s claims for women’s clothing 🙂


Woolas, desireable.


One Response to “PAYING FOR PARANOIA: Fearful Follett costs us £25k”

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