Amerikka MkII – soon the UK will be as crap as the US

May 11, 2009

If you were in any doubt that the UK is the 51st State of the USA then take a look at the following report from the beeb

Police presence in 5,000 schools

Almost half of secondary schools in England have a dedicated police officer, suggests a survey.

Children’s Secretary Ed Balls and Home Secretary Jacqui Smith have repeated calls for all schools to join such partnerships with the police.

There are over 5,000 schools in Safer School Partnerships with the police, including 20% of primary schools.

These schemes can “prevent problems with youth crime before they escalate”, says Mr Balls.

The idea of putting police into schools – either as a full-time presence or as regulator visitors – is intended to tackle bad behaviour, cut truancy and build a relationship between youngsters and the police.

Not ones to point out the obvious, but this has already been tried and tested in the US and it has proven to be a complete failure. Breeding paranoid, fearful, neurotic, slave-like, children doesn’t solve violence – it encourages it!



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