Scarlett MccGwire – Gun for Hire (why does this woman get so much public money from Labour MPs?)

June 6, 2009

Unlike other Doncaster MPs (you know who you are you shitheads) Ed Milliband, Secretary of State for Energy and Climate Change and MP for Doncaster North, didn’t take the piss with his housing expense claims, he just claimed for rent on his Doncaster home. Unfortunately he did make some dubious staffing allowance claims. Even though claims for “self promotion or PR” work on behalf of individuals or parties are not allowed under parliamentary rules, Milliband claimed £3,525 to cover hiring freelance journalist Scarlett MccGwire to help with “speeches, communications and writing”.

If the name Scarlett MccGwire sounds familiar to you it’s because she was the woman employed by Harriet Harman to advise her about “drafting speeches, [sic] editing of her annual report to her constituents [sic]; editing of constituency newsletters; and editing of other reports for her constituency and parliamentary work.” despite the fact that Harman already employed three special advisors who were supposed to be doing this for her. So who the fuck is Scarlett MccGwire?And why does she attract so much public money?


3 Responses to “Scarlett MccGwire – Gun for Hire (why does this woman get so much public money from Labour MPs?)”

  1. Yorkie said

    What a load of sensationalist twonk. Listening to prats like this will certainly help the BNP. I hope that I never see the day!

  2. Yorkie said

    Awaiting moderation?
    Judging from the foul and abusive language in the main post there appears to be no moderation here.

  3. Class War - Barnsdale Brigade said

    Are you suggesting (a)that we simply ignore the nefarious activities of our MPs because (b)people who choose not to vote Labour automatically vote for the BNP?

    If so, we think you’re wrong on both counts.

    P.S. there’s nowt moderate about this site!

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