The Boris Johnson of the North, the Prima Donna of Parliament and the Screamer of Doncaster!..

June 6, 2009

We’re beginning to feel sorry for political satirists, it gets harder and harder to mock real life when real life gets steadily more absurd. And as British politics moves steadily from tragedy to farce, Doncaster’s local politics is turning into total slapstick.

Yesterday the good people of Doncaster (formerly ‘Red Doncaster’, jewel of the ‘Socialist Republic of South Yorkshire’) voted in a right wing, wannabe Tory, English Democrat as their new mayor. It would appear that 25,344 Doncaster residents would like to reclaim Monmouthshire for the English!*

daviesDavies, would like to heighten Hadrian’s Wall and extend it to include Wales.

Elected Mayor, Peter Davies (surely that’s a Welsh name!), who is described by his party as “the Boris Johnson of the north”, has promised to halve his salary and hold a referendum to get rid of the elected mayor system of governance. If he sticks to his promises then we may even go easy on him – not!

Former Blair Babe and super careerist, Caroline Flint, surprised nobody yesterday when she went into a major strop for not being included in Brown’s new cabinet. Flint has defended her good friend Hazel Blears over expenses (largely because Flint herself was caught with her hand in the cookie jar – she also employs her husband using taxpayer’s money) and she disguised her strop as a fight against Gordon Brown, but we all know full well that she’d still  be fighting his corner if he’d given her the job she wanted.

CarolineFlintFlint, was beaten by Ed Milliband in a ‘sexiest MP’ poll (true).

And we’ve just found out why Rosie Winterton submitted a claim for £4,690 for the soundproofing of her bedroom wall. Apparently she’s not a screamer after all, it’s just that  she could “hear next door turning on a switch”. UN FUCKING BELIEVABLE!

rosieWinterton, checking to see if she can claim for her new plane on expenses.

The political world has become a pantomime, but if we sit back and take it then the joke’s on us! It’s time to end this freak show once and for all.

*We shit you not, read their manifesto.


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