Pervy Pepper Wants To Listen To Your Bootie Calls…

June 7, 2009

Sir David Pepper, former head of the Government Communications Headquarters (GCHQ) ‘listening centre’, has called for the recording of all internet and phone traffic in the UK. He claims this is vital in the ‘fight against terrorism’; this, of course, is the usual argument put forward by cash strapped government organisations. Pepper has said…

“It’s a constant arms race, if you like. As more technology, different technology becomes available, the balance will shift constantly.”

In other words he’s spotted a perfect, future-proof, governmental cash-cow that will use fear and paranoia to fleece public funds.

The work of GCHQ is so secretive that  the government refused to discuss its existence until the 1980s. Their remit is to ‘provide intelligence on foreign and domestic threats’, but their actual work involves government muck-raking (not just for the UK government, they also work closely with the CIA) and the GCHQ plays a major role in undermining organised working class resistance. These bastards tried like fuck to pin something on Arthur Scargill during the miner’s strike as part of Thatcher’s ‘Get Scargill’ campaign (a story well documented in Seumas Milne’s ‘The Enemy Within’). They couldn’t find anything on Scargill, but we will never know how many other working class activists have been silenced by the work of the GCHQ.

The GCHQ works for the British and American governments against the interests of the wider working class population and Pervy Pepper is calling for more of your money to help them in their work!


Pervy Pepper (last on the right) and his ‘listening’ team at the GCHQ’s 2007 X-mas party.


2 Responses to “Pervy Pepper Wants To Listen To Your Bootie Calls…”

  1. Dave E said

    Is this the bloke who said, (I paraphrase here a little) “if ‘WE’ knew everything about everybody, including what they are thinking, the world would be a safe place.”

    He feeds off paranoia, and fosters it.

  2. Class War - Barnsdale Brigade said

    Wow, it sounds like the fucker’s clinically paranoid himself!

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