The Middle Class Are Our Genetic Superiors… (says middle class mediocrat, Chris Woodhead)

June 9, 2009

Former Chief Inspector of Schools in England, Chris Woodhead, has suggested that the class divide comes down to genetics.

“I think it would be unlikely that large numbers of grammar school kids would come from disadvantaged areas – the genes are likely to be better if your parents are teachers, academics, lawyers,”

Which just goes to show that you don’t have to be too bright to be a professor 😉

Thick-as-two-short-planks-of.. Woodhead seems to have confused genetics with eugenics. Genetic influence is about potentials, not absolutes. If Albert Einstein had fathered a child with Frida Kahlo it doesn’t mean they would have produced a child who could paint the gravitational bending of light – it wouldn’t even have guaranteed that the child would be remotely gifted in any discernible way.

Woolly-brain Woodhead would site studies that have shown that over 25% of children who are in the bottom quartile of ability at just three and half years old will fail to achieve any educational qualifications by the age of 26. Bell-curvesque eugenicists like Pudhead would say that this is ‘proof’ that abilities are largely genetic.

Indeed, using exactly this kind of evidence, Chris Deadhead has suggested that children from impoverished backgrounds should be given vocational training. In other words we should our lives in servitude to the more ‘able’ middle class!

But the evidence also shows that within this overall picture, there is a fair degree of movement. 10% of those children who were in the bottom 25% at 42 months will have reached the top 25% by the age of 10. This 10% would have already been abandoned by ‘educators’ like Chris Shithead.

It is poverty, not genetics, that provides the most accurate forecasts for academic ability. A person’s socio-economic status at birth is still the best predictor for that individual’s academic and financial prospects throughout their life. Britain remains one of the most socio-economically divided countries on the planet; children that fail to do well in our naff, work-centred, education system are not the victims of genetic predetermination, they’re the victims of a class  system that helps to ensure that a third of our children live in poverty so that fuckwits like Woodhead can enjoy their positions of privilege.

Woodhead says that your “genes are likely to be better if your parents are teachers, academics, lawyers”. These are exactly the kind of parasitic middle class jobs that exist to keep the class system in place. We like to call the dominant, middle class, ethic ‘the Mediocracy’. Teachers are certainly not known for their brilliance – those that can ‘do’, those who can ‘teach’. The vast majority of  ‘academics’ are toadying sycophantic windbags who find it hard to operate outside of academia. And lawyers! Lawyers are the most morally corrupt people in the country! What truly unites these ‘professions’ is that, in order to survive in their chosen institutions, individuals must lack (or wilfully bury…) any analytical or self-critical tendencies. They must be totally void of (or be good at hiding…) any signs of imagination, inspiration or creativity. They are, in short, mediocre. (We are, of course, guilty of gross generalisation here, but that’s not something that has ever bothered Chris Woodhead).

It is no coincidence that Sofhead would choose these professions as the building blocks for his master race. He has been a teacher. He remains an academic. And there is evidence to suggest that operates with all the integrity of a lawyer…

On November 2, 2000 Woodhead announced his resignation, to much rejoicing amongst the teaching unions.

In February 2005, The Guardian obtained information[4] using the Freedom of Information Act, which confirmed that in 1997 Woodhead had overruled a unanimous decision by his own inspectors, and a subsequent inspection visit by HMI inspectors, in order to declare that Islington Green school was failing and required special measures.[5] According to the head of the school at the time, “the consequences for staff and pupils were catastrophic”. Despite Woodhead’s enthusiasm for evidence-based inspection, he has never made public the reasons for this decision.

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