Doncaster’s New Mayor – the verdict of his former pupils…

June 17, 2009

We’ve just been speaking to some rather chatty young(ish) ladies who were taught by Donny’s new Elected Mayor, Peter Davies, when he was employed by Danum High School. The general verdict seems to be that he was an “oppressive, overbearing knob-head who hated us (his pupils).” – their words, not ours 🙂

To be fair the girls did confess to giving him a hard time. They were in the habit of singing their own rendition of Vanessa Paradis’ hit song, ‘Joe Le Taxi” – with the emphasis on TAX – as loud as they could whenever they saw him in reference to his tax fiddling. Davies, of course, was kicked out of the Conservative Party because of his tax fiddling, but he doesn’t bear a grudge and he has employed Tory group leader, Patricia Schofield as his Deputy Mayor – who’ll be on £30,633 a year.

He has also accepted offers of help from his good friends Matthew Elliot (Tax Payers Alliance – an alliance of people who actually pay their taxes!) and Laura Midgley (Campaign Against Political Correctness), who are to do voluntary work (we’ll have to check his expenses at the end of the year to see exactly how voluntary their work is) to help him create his ‘Zero-Tolerance’ leadership that will stop swearing, spitting, the chewing of gum and the dropping of litter. In his own words…

“There is a chewing gum problem and a general litter problem but there is also foul language being used everywhere in the presence of children and continuous spitting in the street.  [sic] We need to make examples of some of these customers before this minor behaviour turns into something more serious.”

To counter this foul behaviour from pupils – er… sorry, we mean residents – the council will introduce a system of lines, detentions and, in serious cases, canings.

Mayor Davies is also designing a new uniform that must be worn by the people of Doncaster at all times…



3 Responses to “Doncaster’s New Mayor – the verdict of his former pupils…”

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  2. chanderni said

    Have you ever lived in Doncaster? I have for some 20 years and although not meeted by some people his attitude is needed. Violence is complex but I believe he has basic principles of underlying cause (even if not PC it is natural state of all those living in multi conciencious, close proximity communities) to again set parameters for those who wish to live productively.

  3. Class War - Barnsdale Brigade said

    “Have you ever lived in Doncaster?”
    We’re Donny born and bred – apart from one guy who’s just bred 🙂

    Which is why we’re so stunned that we now have what effectively amounts to a Tory Mayor. See…

    Violence has changed over the years. When the mines were open there was a thriving weekend pub culture in each of Donny’s towns & villages. With the machismo culture that was the norm in mining towns it was quite common to have brawls – that sometimes spilled out into the streets. We not condoning this, or saying that innocent people never got hurt, but this form of fighting was largely consensual and rarely involved the kind of predatory violence that has crept in since the pit-closure (not just in Doncaster, but throughout the country).

    The forms of violence that we see nowadays are a result of changes in attitudes towards in our communities. ‘Anti-social’ violence is committed largely by an ultra-individualistic, greedy, consumer-minded, people who talk a lot about ‘respect’, but who actually lack the social skills needed to show respect to members of their own community. This attitude is the creation of 30 years of Thatcherite/Neoliberal indoctrination; in other words the policies of the Tories (and the neoliberal New Labour Party – ideologies espoused by people like Peter Davies)created many of the anti-social problems that now plague our towns.

    These individualistic attitudes are great for business and help to ensure that those in power (and their middle class lackeys) keep their position of privilege, but they are socially destructive when they become the ‘norm’ in communities with more limited resources.

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