The Filth Are Still Filthy: Bent coppers on the take in Doncaster & Wakefield

July 4, 2009

Shakeel Ahmed

Members of the public in Doncaster and Wakefield are warned to be on their guard against a highly organised gang of degenerates who go by the name of  ‘The Police’. Leader of the gang is ‘Shifty’ Shakeel Ahmed (pictured above).

Detective Inspector Shakeel Ahmed has been released on bail following his arrest on Wednesday. Ahmed, a DI with Doncaster CID, was arrested along with 9 other officers on suspicion of money laundering and fraud.

During a series of raids on homes and businesses in Wakefield on Wednesday morning police uncovered £150,000 in cash, a large amount of jewellery, a suspected cannabis farm and 14 top-of-the range cars hidden at a car wash; the cars included a Maserati, a BMW X5 and a Jaguar XKR.

Bent police officers? Surely not! Next you’ll be telling us next that a tax-fiddling Tory will be elected to clean up Doncaster council!

When will the police learn their lesson. If you really want to get away with robbing people blind then you’re much better off becoming a solicitor.


‘Jackass’ Jim Beresford, stole millions and got to keep it.


4 Responses to “The Filth Are Still Filthy: Bent coppers on the take in Doncaster & Wakefield”

  1. mr smith said

    i know police officers are bent dc maher of holbeck police station and his buddies manipulate evidence and hide behing the corrupt ipcc

  2. jonni burton said

    Bent Scum,the lot of them.Look up Ex Det Lawrie Day.He’s just retired with a nice fat pension.

  3. Swindon Police officer claire holborn has been suspended on suspicion of fellating a German Shepherd police dog in Swindon. Officer Holborn has also recently been responsible for a car crash after answering a call to a burgulary in swindon in which a woman was seriously injured. A spokesperson for wiltshire police said they have no comment as yet.

  4. harry said

    david wilson doncaster cid ,bent ,

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