Summer of Blood!

July 8, 2009

summer of blood

Summer of Blood is a highly readable history book from Dan Jones. Those who are interested in the fight against obscene wealth and power should give it a go. Those in a position of wealth and power should take heed!

The following reviews (and the book) are from Amazon

Summer 1381 has unnerving comparisons to the nearing of Summer 2009! – the commons are still revolted by the parliamentarians!! This book is superbly written and gives a fascinating insight into our tumultuous past. It was a pleasure to read it and there was never a moment when I didn’t want to turn a page to find out more! Well Done Dan Jones – I look forward to your next book!

As a medievalist with a particular interest in the reign of Richard II I approach “popular” books on the period with a sense of doom. How refreshing then to find one that is as well-researched as any academic study yet well-written and completely accessible to the non-specialist reader. This is a cracking story that should be on the summer holiday reading list of every politican to remind them that the people will only be pushed so far! In fact, it should be on everyone’s reading list.


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