Whither Democracy? the decline and fall of ‘people power’ in Doncaster

July 8, 2009

As you’ll probably know Doncaster recently replaced a corrupt mayor with an inept* one. Some people may think that Donny has turned right wing all of a sudden, but the facts paint a different story; not a story about left or right wing politics, but of the death of local democracy…

On paper the situation in Doncaster, South Yorkshire looks really bad; an English Democrat elected to Mayor of the Doncaster Metropolitan Borough Council (DMBC) and the BNP getting 10% of the vote – has Doncaster gone mad? Let’s look at the figures…

Doncaster Council Mayoral Election 2009
Party Name 1st Choice Votes % 2nd Choice Votes Total
English Democrats Peter Davies 16,961 22.6 8,383 25,344
Independent Michael Thomas Maye 17,150 22.9 7,840 24,990
Labour Sandra Holland 16,549 22.1
Conservative Jonathan Wood 12,198 16.3
British National Dave Owen 8,175 10.9
Community Group Stuart Exelby 2,152 2.9
Independent Michael James Felse 2,051 2.7
Total 74,966 100.0 16,223 50,334

Voting turn-out was 35.81%, nearly 20% down on the previous Mayoral Election. Research by the Joseph Rowntree Trust has shown that 49% of people will only vote if they feel that their particular candidate has a chance of being elected so this turn out is only to be expected in such an unpredictable  election.

The winner of the ‘first choice’ round of votes was Mick Maye, the man who a lot of people rather complacently expected to be the new Mayor of Doncaster. Unfortunately he didn’t get the required ‘clear lead’ of 500 votes so it went to second round voting where the English Democrat, Peter Davies led by 543 votes (43 votes to effectively win control of the DMBC!). Interestingly enough Davies’ ‘second choice’ votes correspond almost exactly with the BNP’s ‘first choice’ votes; unfortunately the BNP made some gains this election, but the Tory vote was almost exactly the same – which meant that Davies was not attracting Tory votes.

Indeed Davies, as we’ve mentioned before, is a disgraced Tory (kicked out for tax fiddling) who’s son is a Tory MP. On leaving the Tories Davies went first to UKIP and then to the English Democrats, but his real allegiances became more than evident when he announced his new cabinet (in a cabinet of  five people three are Conservatives and his Deputy Mayor is Conservative group leader, Patricia Schofield).

The Conservative Party is about as popular in Doncaster as Garry Glitter is in Mothercare. They and their ilk were directly responsible for the regions economic decline – can anyone seriously imagine that ex-mining communities would welcome Thatcher’s heirs with open arms. They could only manage fourth place in the elections, but Davies has put the Tories in a position of power within the DMBC. What’s more Davies, despite his spiel about cutting back on needless bureaucratic spending, wants to expand his cabinet, which begs the question ‘who will he appoint next?’

This is the sad face of modern ‘democracy’. It is as farcical as it is unrepresentative and eveyone knows it. Talk to anyone at work or down the pub and they know exactly what’s going on – the political parasites are out to line their own pockets. We have the intelligence and the technology to build a new system of direct democracy that would better suit the diverse needs of the people of Britain. But do we have the balls to make it happen?

*For those of you who don’t yet know how ‘inept’ Peter Davies is…


7 Responses to “Whither Democracy? the decline and fall of ‘people power’ in Doncaster”

  1. Stephen Gash said

    The reason we have 3rd rate politicians in England is because of 5th rate people in the media, like the liar Toby Foster. Yes he’s a liar and he can sue me if the liar thinks I am libelling the liar.

    You ask this absurd question: “‘who will he appoint next?’ Maybe a member of the BNP or even the KKK!?!”

    FYI the flag of the Ku Klux Klan flies over every public building in Scotland. Ever asked yourself why it called itself the Klan (clan)? Duh!

    It chose the Scottish flag to reflect its Scottish roots, but nobody would suggest the SNP has links to the KKK. No, only such ridiculous extrapolations are made about English nationalists by moronic, ignorant bloggers like the author of this blog. Mind you the SNP did have some of its leadership interned during WW2 for alleged nazi sympathies.

    The English Democrats won in Doncaster, but the BNP won in the Labour gerrymandered ‘North West’ region. So it looks like the voters have switched from Lying Labour to the English Democrats in Doncaster and the BNP in the unwanted ‘North West’ region.

    You say the Tories are unwelcome in Doncaster, but it is pretty obvious Labour is now the political pariah across England.

    Maybe this has something to do with cancer patients being denied drugs in England which are freely available in Scotland. Also, English students paying top-up fees while Scottish students don’t. English women having to wait for cervical cancer screening until they are 25 while women in the rest of the UK can get it at 20. Bowel cancer screening available in Scotland for 50-74 year-olds while in England it is for 60-69 year-olds. Maybe it is because in Scotland the elderly do not have to sell their homes to pay for social care, while in England they do, and now the English elderly are being bribed with a stealth tax ‘insurance’ of a £12,000 one-off payment so that they may keep their homes.

    Maybe its because just down the road in Kirton in Lindsey workers are losing their jobs to foreign workers, while in Scotland there is a 40-mile exclusion zone around workplaces from which local workers are given priority (phone up Scottish MP Michael Connarty for confirmation).

    No, the liar Toby Foster, BBC presenter, was the total twat in that so-called interview, not Peter Davies.

    Total twattery is the hallmark of the BBC these days which is why it and the rest of the media constantly mislead and are truth-economic about how the English are being screwed over for the sake of the absurdly named ‘United’ Kingdom. Toby ‘the lying twat’ Foster wouldn’t even think about asking questions concerning how his listeners are expected to die from cancer for the sake of the ‘Union’. Maybe the BBC provides private medical insurance with healthcare benefits for its presenters, producers and directors, denied to lesser mortals in England. It already provides more than generous expenses and pension benefits with astonishing associated incapacity benefits.

    People liken the English Democrats to the BNP, completely ignoring (suppressing) the fact that they have ethnic minority candidates standing in elections.

    The BNP have written scathingly about the English Democrats many times on blogs and on their websites.

    English nationalism is here to stay and it is up to responsible bloggers and the media to channel it in the right direction. So far there has been a concerted effort to simultaneously suppress English concerns about inequalities while branding English nationalism as ‘right wing racism’.

    Well surprise surprise, English people, realising they are damned if they do and damned if they don’t, have voted where critics have directed them to, the BNP.

    However, those in Doncaster have recoiled from that horror and voted for the English Democrats only to be met with a YouTube video with “Dumcaster” in its title (an insult to Doncaster voters, reproduced on this blog) of a moronic liar masquerading as a radio presenter barracking a newly elected Mayor.

    Not only that, a blogger suggests that voting for this mayor will let the KKK into Doncaster by the back door!!

    And you have the gall to entitle your pathetic effort “Whither Democracy? the decline and fall of ‘people power’ in Doncaster”.

    English people will be empowered by an English Parliament focusing on England and making sure that they are not discriminated against when compared to other parts of the UK.

    On second thoughts, maybe Toby Foster will sue me for calling him a twat and I’ll have to explain my accusation in court. Ah well. I’ll risk it.

  2. M Anderson said

    The death of democracy? Hmmmm? I wonder why you’re saying that. I wonder who is responsible for it? Hmmmmm? Let me think for a second…’cos one second is all it’s going to take to work out WHO IS responsible. It’s fuckin’ new poxy labour who is responsible !
    Oh-er missus, aint we all bitter and twisted ‘cos people have finally woken up? Tell Blair and Brown…and idiots Prescott, Reid, Darling, “Mandy”, Straw, Harman, Martin, Hain et al.

    “On paper the situation in Doncaster, South Yorkshire looks really bad; an English Democrat elected to Mayor of the Doncaster Metropolitan Borough Council (DMBC) and the BNP getting 10% of the vote – has Doncaster gone mad”

    “[it] looks really bad”? Why is that? Looks really bad my arse. “The people” voted for what they wanted. Oh yeah, that’s right. “The people” are thick ‘cos they didn’t vote FOR WHO YOU WOULD’VE VOTED FOR! I hate you motherfuckin’ marxist twats. You spew all this shite to people in an attempt to indoctrinate them. If that doesn’t work you try to “persuade” people, i.e. “I know best”. Finally, if that doesn’t work you try to intimidate people. Mr “my arse”, it appears that the indoctrination hasn’t worked!
    By the way, slagging off the mayor will only make people support him more. Keep it up.

  3. Farcical and unrepresentative? Maybe you should have a butchers at our glorious first past the post electoral system where Tony Blair, having won in the 2005 general election proclaimed that he had received the people’s mandate for a full term of government…. 22% of the adult population of the UK voted for him (and 78% didn’t!)Either he cannot do sums, or he is a mendacious vacuous lying toerag with a narcissistic complex….

    Hmmm, I wonder which one he is?…

    Also, the Tories received more of the popular vote in England than the Labour party….. but ended up with over 30 fewer English seats.

    Also, England, a nation of over 50 million souls and the oldest sovereign state in Europe is the only country in Europe without any national representation whatsoever…

    Also, those champs of democracy – the Labour party brought in laws that empowered elected mayors to do whatever the hell they liked. They also masterminded the mayoral electoral system….

    And the ‘decline and fall of people power in Donny’? Maybe it’s a case of ‘the people’ deciding they have had enough of establishment politicians and their control freaking tendencies…. Considering that the top two candidates consisted of one independent and one representative from a minor party it looks to me more that the good people of Donny have woken up and smelled the coffee – just like this former lifelong Labour voter of 30 years standing did in 1998…. (the year Tone devolved national power to everyone else in the UK apart from us in England)…

    ‘Democracy’ – don’t you just ‘love it’?

  4. Class War - Barnsdale Brigade said

    To be fair the KKK comment (now removed) was dumb – we were trying to point out the fact that Davies is sliding the DMBC to the right even though the right wing do not have a major foothold in Doncaster. We stated our belief that Davies is a Tory through and through.

    For the record we’re more akin to anarchists than Marxists and we would certainly never ask anyone to vote Labour!

    In fact if you look at this blog you’ll see that we supported the Lindsey workers and that we’re celebrate the core English working values of solidarity, collectivism, mutuality, political radicalism and self-determination. We’re actually quite patriotic in a George Orwell kinda way 🙂

    Nor would we be opposed to an English parliament – or even a Yorkshire parliament for that matter. We want power to be completely decentralised.

    But the truth remains that the vast majority of people in Doncaster have NO political representation. Nearly two thirds of residents didn’t bother to vote because they didn’t feel a connection with any existing political party – left or right. People nowadays are forced to vote for the least incompetent party or not at all. As we said in the post we want to see a new form of direct democracy.

    • Fred Gohlke said

      On July 9, 2009 at 12:36 pm, Barnsdale Brigade said …

      “People nowadays are forced to vote for the
      least incompetent party or not at all.”

      Perhaps it would be well to investigate the possibility of selecting our political leaders FROM the people rather than having them selected FOR the people.

      Barnsdale Brigade also said …

      “As we said in the post we want to see a new
      form of direct democracy.”

      If by ‘direct democracy’ you mean a process by which all voters can participate in the electoral process to the full extent of their desire and ability, I would like to (even though I am an outsider) exchange some ideas on the topic.

      Fred Gohlke

  5. George Orwell! My Granddad was a friend of his. He stayed at his house while he was researching the Liverpool bit of his seminal book – ‘The Road to Wigan Pier’….. Just a bit o’ trivia….

  6. Stephen Gash said

    George Orwell? He was a rarity – a Blair that not only told the truth, but foretold the truth.

    A Yorkshire Parliament eh? What happened to the Ridings under this pseudo-devolution project that Scots conducted, which didn’t divide Scotland? Which in fact made Scotland the largest geo-political part of the UK?

    That was no accident.

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