Expenses Scandal! What Expenses Scandal?

August 5, 2009


The new Speaker for the House of Commons, John Bercow – known as ‘Little John’ to his friends – has spent a whopping £20,000 of public money on his official ‘grace-and-favour’ flat in the palace of Westminster.

The Telegraph reported it had seen a document detailing Bercow’s expenses; these include £6,764.30 on a new 3 piece suite, £760 on a window-seat cushions, £3,600 on window locks, £90.95 on mattresses and sheets, £275 on lampshades, £1,087 on decorating a study to turn it into a playroom and £3,880 on planters to make the terrace more child friendly.

A spokeswoman for the House of Commons said Mr Bercow was…

“happy that this information is in the public domain, that the public know how this money has been spent”.


As parents we sympathise with his excuses about making the place more “child friendly”, but a third of the nation’s children are currently living in poverty and most of our friends are raising their families on a annual income which is significantly less than the £20,000 which Bercow has spent on luxury items in just a few weeks.

The flats at Westminster cost the public a fortune; the previous Speaker spent had already spent a massive £724,600 on this particular flat and former Lord Chancellor, Lord Irvine famously ordered wallpaper for his apartment in the House of Lords which was a snip at £59,000!

British ‘Democracy’ has become a con on so many levels that it is beyond repair. It’s obviously time for something new so let’s start with some of our own refurbishments to Westminster…



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