1 in 6 Northern ‘NEET’ Teenagers Could Be Dead Within 10 Years

August 8, 2009


Staggering anecdotal evidence from the North of England has suggested that as many as 1 in 6 of the teenagers in the area who are currently classed as NEETs (Not in Education, Employment or Training) could be dead by 2019. Research which covered kids in a similar situation 10 years ago showed that 15% of those studied had already died. Jon Coles, director of schools for England at the Department for Children, Schools and Families said of the researchers…

“They had found one profoundly shocking thing… that of their long-term Neets of 10 years ago, those who had been outside the system for a long period of time, whether because they were permanently excluded or simply because they had dropped out at the end of compulsory schooling and had not got into anything else, 15% of those young people of 10 years ago were dead by the time that the research was being done. For those of us who sometimes console ourselves with the thought that education is not a matter of life and death, actually for those young people, for the most vulnerable children and young people in our society, it really is.”

With the current global depression the number of NEETs (what a horrible term, why don’t they use a more realistic expression – like ‘FAILED CHILDREN’) has risen and will continue to rise. Any sane person will find these figures truly alarming (though we know only too well that there will be some sicko classist freaks who will dismiss these children as mere ‘chavs’), but if things are to improve then we must recognise that this is our responsibility; this failure reflects on every single one of us.

As we have said before, a child’s social class background at birth is still the best indicator of how well he or she will do in school and later on in life. The lower your socio-economic position the greater your risk of low birth-weight, infections, cancer, coronary heart disease, respiratory disease, stroke, accidents, nervous and mental illnesses – in other words, class kills!

We accept that there will always be a degree of inequality in society, but this does not have to be the case with regard to our children and their childhood experiences. In fact a society which neglects the needs of any of it’s children (let alone a society which allows a third of it’s children to live in poverty) should be deemed pathological.

A society built for human needs would introduce a Child Social Wage which would be used to guarantee a high level of nutrition, health care and important access to nature (for psychological growth) and any necessary technologies (for cultural growth). This should be combined this with an education system that focuses on life-skills (anatomy, physical sciences, innate human creativity, problem-solving/analytical thought, etc.) instead of ‘career’.

Money spent on raising healthy, balanced children would be money well spent. Not only would we produce people who were (both productively and progressively…) assets to society, but we would also save on the expense of ‘solving’ later health and social problems. This would take away the need for the intrusive state intervention in later life; intervention that is supposedly aimed at ‘solving’ the problems of society – but most of our ‘problems’ are the product of ignorance (an ignorance which the government and consumer capitalism wilfully maintains).

If government has any real purpose (other than lining the pockets of politicians) surely it must be to guarantee the needs of the child so that the adult can live a full and independent life free from the excesses of government.

Excuse our rant, but we’re angry to say the least.



One Response to “1 in 6 Northern ‘NEET’ Teenagers Could Be Dead Within 10 Years”

  1. ray said

    No excuse needed. A thoughtful post and right on the money. Nice one.

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